We are a team of like-minded, action sports enthusiasts who enjoy life, music, friends, and family. We wanted to create an awesome, new product, and together we have designed the best iPhone case yet.


FADI is the first company to truly revolutionize mobile phone cases. Our two-piece iPhone case will rock you! Not only does this case redirect the sound towards the user, it also amplifies it by 12db!

We offer exceptional products made from polycarbonate, which is nearly unbreakable. Bulletproof windows and enclosures as seen inside banks or at drive-throughs are often made of polycarbonate. Our products have added functionality and are endorsed by talented artists and athletes who are committed to improving the quality of life for all. Our vision is to create products that empower people to optimize their time with technology while uniting local communities. We will continue to create more collections of premium mobile phone cases and accessories.


FADI was created with the desire to empower an artistic community through exceptionally designed products.

Our unique product line features today’s most hard-working skaters, bicyclists, artists, environmentalists, and engineers. FADI’s team is on our website and we will continue to inspire and create


Fadi’s well-designed, durable, sleek cases will make it so that you are not only seen but also heard.

Our bicycle mount, desktop stand, and car mount are the most innovative, stylish, and long lasting set of active techno gear for your iphone.

Our engineers, skaters, bicyclists and designers are owners within the company. When you pick the FADI, you are supporting your local community.

In News:

We are stoked to be live and bringing you all the exciting stuff we’ve been working on, including new audioglove signature models, iphone mounts, and more! Here’s whats up.

Original FADI Audioglove Available NOW  

Our flagship product is the FADI Audioglove.  It’s an advanced case that actually increases your iPhone’s volume by 12 decibels (that’s a lot!).   Get your order in now and we’ll ship you the first edition Audioglove with the JustUs logo.

New Signature Audioglove Models in the Works:

We have great new Audioglove designs coming from our friends, including custom artwork by Sage Bolyard, Cara-Beth Burnside, Dave Duncan, Adam Haynes, Joe Kurmanski (a.k.a. “the Metal Cowboy), Tucker Perkins, Kim Peterson, Cheyenne Sawyer, Brandon Semunuk,  Andrew Taylor, and 10 designs from Pearl Jam!

iPhone desk, car, and bike mount:

We want to be able to use our Audioglove equipped iPhones wherever and whenever, so, we’re feverishly developing three new mounts for our desks, cars, and bikes that will optimize our technological experience.

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