Audio Amplifying iPhone Case

Finally, a case that rocks just as hard as you do. This retractable case instantly adds 12 db to your iPhone 3G and 3G/S.

This case is built to last. Add in an eco-friendly production process, and top quality recycled plastics, and you have a case perfectly suited for a weekend in the backcountry.


Price: $35.00


The FADI protective carrying case, also known the Audioglove, is designed in such a way that the user can open the case and redirect the sound toward him/herself. This audio enhancing functionality is not offered on any other protective carrying case. The Audio Glove enhances and amplifies the volume and quality of sound emitted by the iPhone.

It’s simple design corrects a fundamental flaw in the iPhone that suppresses good quality sound and tone production. The retractable audio drawer on the FADI Audioglove eliminates the need to attach external speakers. Now you can amplify the phone without restricting its mobility and ease of use.

As an added bonus, the Audioglove makes the speaker-phone sound warm and full for people on both ends of the call — now your iPhone can operate as a hands free device without a Bluetooth accessory!


Enhances Sound Quality — The FADI audioglove improves overall sound quality for iPhone users without bulky, external accessories.

Sleek Style — This sleek, unobtrusive case gives you and your iPhone a distinctive style and finish. Join a vibrant community of adventure sports, technology, and nature enthusiasts with the JUST US line of cases.

Enhances iPhone Mobility — The Audioglove allows the iPhone to easily fit into a customer’s pocket, purse, coat, brief case, etc, without fear of damage.

Light-weight — The Audioglove weighs less than 4 oz!

Durable and Protective — The Audioglove will provide protection for the iPhone in order to lengthen it’s life span.

Green — The Audioglove is made from recycled plastic.

Fits iPhone 3G and 3GS

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