Runner, Haile Gebrselassie meeting Mr Tilahun and Ms Yeshiembet at the FFD mobilisation ? HelpAge International

Since its inception in 2014, the action/2015 movement has grown from 50 organisations in 60 countries, to around 2,200 organisations in 157 countries. Throughout 2015, campaigners have taken around 31 million actions. It has been the biggest global movement of its kind!

HelpAge and its partners have campaigned non-stop with action/2015 to raise awareness of the impact that the Sustainable Development Goals and the COP21 climate change agreement will have on us all. And what an amazing year it has been!

Our partners in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Kenya, Malawi, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe helped make sure governments committed to truly "leave no-one behind".

Looking back over the year, Campaigns Assistant Beth Howgate looks at how working with action/2015, we helped give a voice to older people.

Our action/2015 highlights 

COP21 climate march 

On 28 and 29 November, 785,000 people joined the Global Climate March  the largest climate mobilisation in history! 
  • In Bangladesh, HelpAge partnered with World Vision to mobilise around 440,000 people in their local climate march 
  • Campaigners from Ageing Nepal paraglided with COP21 banners, and organised a clean-up of the river Bagmati 
  • In Bolivia, older students of the Municipal University and members of the OP National Association marched to the top of Mount Pampalarama to highlight the impact of climate change on the glaciers 
  • UN Independent Expert on the Enjoyment of all Human Rights by Older Persons, Rosita Kornfeld-Matte told the Huffington Post about the need to consider the rights of older people in climate change discussions. 

Light the Way

On 24 September ahead of the UN Sustainable Development Goals summit, 250,000 mobilisations took place "lighting the way" to a sustainable future:
  • The HelpAge London team joined hundreds of others on Millennium Bridge. We also mobilised in New York as the Mayor of the city declared 24 September "Under One Sky" day 
  • Campaigners from the Vietnam Association of the Elderly held a candle light vigil
  • Older campaigner from Kenya, Esther Wamera told the Huffington Post about the inequality older people face throughout the world

Financing for Development

The Financing for Development conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in July was a great opportunity for older campaigners to engage with decision makers: 
  • Older campaigners met with the then UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and his then Special Advisor on post-2015 development, Amina J Mohammed
  • Campaigners met record breaking Ethiopian athlete Haile Gebreselassie who joined the #ActionAllAges campaign
  • Campaigners in London dressed up to ask leaders not to "duck" their responsibilities.

Action All Ages Day

HelpAge led Action All Ages day on 22 May where we launched a message of support from Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Archbishop Tutu reinforced our call for people of all ages to be recognised in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Other Action All Ages Day actions

  • Older campaigner from Kenya, Mama Rhoda Ngima was interviewed by international broadcaster Deutsche Welle
  • In Thailand, our partner FOPDEV hosted an intergenerational workshop: younger people experienced what it might like to be older and older people learned about social media.

action/2105 launch 

  • HelpAge Kenya partnered with the Organisation of African Youth to develop an intergenerational campaign and worked with famous Kenyan musicians to come up with a campaign song for the movement.

What you can do for action/2015

Holding your leaders to account doesn’t end this year:
  • Keep sharing your posts and messages on social media with #action2015 and #ActionAllAges to ensure leaders "leave no one behind" now and in the future
  • Sign up to our Age Demands Action eNewsletter for updates on all our campaigning activities.

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  • BAFFOUR OSEI BONSU (22 September 2015)


  • Rashid (15 September 2015)

    CEO/The Expert TVET.
    I am excited that we are talking about old age. After all the people are living longer now

  • FORSUH FONGWA EMMANUEL (23 August 2015)

    I am just 26, co-founder and president of AGEING COMMUNITY CARE in Cameroon. Old age is a biological and inevitable change, its a life process, why make it different from others. I'm young today, tomorrow i will be old. We remain human. Being Human is respecting Human Right. Let us all create smaal groups, be it in school, church, prisons, in wherever place we find ourselves and make a difference.

  • Kunonga Mezza (08 August 2015)

    As retired Government Official and Pastor, I find myself compelled t involve in the campaign to protect the rights of the elderly in anyway possible.

  • enobong moses (08 August 2015)

    I want to be a part of thee 2015 helpage campaign

  • Chrispine Mukuka Mwamba (23 May 2015)

    I am 45 BUT I have passion for the aged and entire age groups because we are all heading to the same destination- if GOD guides me /us up to that golden time.

  • Hamid Alam (21 May 2015)

    HAI is a good organization for the rights of senior citizens.

  • Hamid Alam (21 May 2015)

    it is a good organization for the rights of senior citizens.

  • Poresh Chandra Roy (11 March 2015)

    Its really helpful for me.Because its my aim to serve the Senior citizen and would like to build a club for senior citizen .

  • karanja Join (16 February 2015)

    Truly this is an epitome of masterpiece initiative that will shape the lives of the old through active participation. I am not only supporting the movement but also willing, physically and spiritually, in making this action/2015 come to realisation.

  • Hannah Najjemba (10 February 2015)

    I am excited that we are talking about old age. After all the people are living longer now

  • Wanzira Robert Kirabo (07 February 2015)

    I have liked this movement, I work with an organization supporting the elderly people in Uganda.

  • Edgardo M. Buenaventura (02 February 2015)

    this is a good contact network

  • Sheikh Sultan (31 January 2015)

    I want to involve in movement,not being old myself but for cause of others in this Earth.

  • burton (13 January 2015)

    if we all know the true definition of life we should always preach humanity, which is treating each other as human being. Help age is there fore seeking to promote humanity in around the world. God bless

  • Rev. Peter Okyere (07 January 2015)

    It is a very good initiative for the Action/2015. My organization supports it wholeheartedly

  • Gyanu Chaulagain (02 January 2015)


  • Rosette Fomunung (30 December 2014)

    Old age is not about them,it is about all of us.

  • Harish C Gehlot (23 December 2014)

    i want to involve in movement,not being old myself but for cause of others.

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