Untold stories: Celebrating older human rights campaigners

On International Day of Older Persons 2018, we mark the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by showcasing the achievements of older campaigners from all around the world. Hover over the individual photos to find out more, and click through to read their moving and inspiring stories.

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  • Rev. Peter Okyere (03 October 2018)

    Ageing is inevitable. We are all getting older in every passing second, minute, hour,day week month and year. It is therefore very important for us all to ponder over this very important issue. It is sad for society to abuse the rights of older persons because of their age.King David in the Holy Bible drew God's attention concerning his old age and period of grey hair.(Psalm 71:18) .He asked God not to forsake him when he is old. Why then the elderly abuse and discrimination by some governments, society and even family members? Let us stand up against ageism.

  • Share The World (Disable's and old age's national organization in South Sudan) (01 October 2018)

    The elderly South Sudanese are the most vulnerable people in the World. They are the victim of war, all simple and complicated diseases, famine, etc. They die as earlier as grasses. South Sudan has lost the library of information.

  • Singira Robert Daniel (01 October 2018)

    We must put hands together and ensure that we support all elderly people. This is their rights and we must ensure we grant them hope and dignity at this stage in life that we are all bound to reach at.

  • Asghar Zaidi (30 September 2018)

    Another very distinguished older campaigner was Silvia Stefanoni, who we lost during this past year. Her work in the project ‘Moving from the Margins: Promoting the rights of older persons in Pakistan’, in collaborative between HelpAge International Pakistan and the British Council, has been exemplary.
    One of the key findings is that a comprehensive policy framework is lacking in Pakistan to protect and promote the human rights of the older persons. This project is the first of its kind due its unique data generation with a focus on human rights of older person about how aware older people are of their social and economic rights and what actions they are willing to take to demand their rights. What institutional framework is necessary in enforcing and monitoring human rights of older persons in Pakistan?

  • Sharron Hinchliff (29 September 2018)

    Love this. It is so important to celebrate older people and the activism/work they do to uphold the rights of older people. Bravo Help Age International!

  • Momo Allison Bainda (28 September 2018)

    The National Old Folks of Liberia NOFOL in collaboration with the Coalition of Caregivers and Advocates for the Elderly in Liberia is committed to support the I International day of Older Persons come Oct, 1 2018 we are also planing an in door program with in support of the Government of Liberia and WHO.

  • Vidya Charan (26 September 2018)

    Great Leaders in the community on the move to create safe spaces for older persons

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