Lola (Grandma) Paz, 71, from Bagong Silangan, Quezon City, The Philippines

Lola Paz has a leg impairment due to avascular necrosis, but this has never stopped her from serving fellow older people as the President of the Older Persons Organization in her community. She has been separated for more than a decade and currently lives with her 81-year old sister, who is single and has hypertension and blocked heart artery.

“[The situation] is very difficult, especially here in our village as no clear intervention is being implemented. They [the government] have provided one quarantine pass per family, but it’s not well implemented. There's still a lot of people going in and out. People are walking around in the roads, including young people. What also saddens me is that no disinfection is being done in our community and no one monitors the implementation of the community quarantine.”

 “[The community quarantine] has a huge effect on us, senior citizens. It’s good that we were able to prepare for what we needed a day before the actual declaration of community quarantines, so we still have something to eat. But I’m worried that it will only last for a few days. Maybe next week we won't have food to eat anymore”.

 “There is no relief goods/ food packs given from the Barangay officials or even from the local government of Quezon City.”

 “Because of the directives that senior citizens are not allowed to go out, we can’t buy our medicines. We are running out of medicines. There's only one pharmacy that sells the medicines I need."

 “Based on my observation, the government doesn’t make any considerations to older persons. They know that older persons are at risk but we are ignored, especially as we face all these difficulties. We, the older persons should be one of the priorities”.

 “For now, we need food, vitamins, medicines and hygiene kits. We hope to receive our pension payments and assistance from the government”.

 “As an older person, I would like to recommend the following:

  • Intensify the implementation of community quarantine, inspect and monitor the ins and outs of people in the village to reduce the risk of infection;
  • Provide support to older people, especially as we are the most affected by the virus.
  • Protect older persons. If our needs are not supported, the whole family will be affected.”

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