Pokemon Go Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Pokemon Go Tips, Tricks & Cheats: Pokémon go is one of the craziest game ever and is on the minds of every individual. Recently on gaining its popularity, there are developed a lot of tips, tricks, and hacks available for the game. Here are some of the of the tips, tricks, and hacks which can help you to catch them all.

Pokemon Go Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Pokemon Go Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Get a Pikachu on the start of the game-

When the game start professor Willow asks you to pick one Pokémon from Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur with whom you need to start your Pokémon journey. Ignore it and don’t choose any of them and walk away. Repeat it for 4to5 times and then you will see a Pikachu on the list.

Get bonus on throwing Pokeball to catch Pokémon-

While throwing a Pokeball drag it from the bottom and then swirl the Pokeball and throw it you will be awarded the bonus. If you want to maximise your bonus then throw the Pokeball exactly in the red or yellow circle the Pokémon, you are about to catch.

Play Pokémon go in landscape mode-

For landscape mode hold the phone horizontally and start the game. Tap the menu icon and select settings in the option. In the setting, you will see an option Report High Priority Issue. Select the option by tapping yes. This will open the internet to report issues. Without waiting for tap the home screen button to return to the main screen and then again select the Pokémon to go app. The page will stop loading and go back to settings, and the view will change to horizontal. But during the whole process hold your phone horizontally.

Generate unlimited number of Pokecoins-

Go to Pokemoncheats.io and enter your username of the Pokémon go app and then select the number of coins to be generated and tap on the create button and wait. Then complete the instruction and human verification and you are done with the task.

Play the game anywhere in the world sitting at home-

  • To play without moving Download and install Xposed installer app and Framework.
  • Activate the Xposed framework which will be highlighted in green colour.
  • Download Mock Mock locations and Pokémon GO controls in the download menu of the Xposed installer.
  • After installation go to the modulus menu and activate the Mock Mock app and Pokémon go apps.
  • After reboot, you have to change your GPS location method to GPS only.
  • After it starts the Pokémon go controls app and enable mock locations.
  • Now use your map and select the location from where you need to initiate the game and hit the play button.
  • Start the Pokémon go app and your virtual joystick will be displayed.  

All these tips and hacks will help you in competing your friends and take you way forward from them. Start using the tricks fast and get ahead of your friends and mates in the game before they too know about it. Go guys and Catch ‘em all.

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