Ageing in motion

These charts show how countries are ageing around the world. Each circle represents a country, and the size represents the number of older people in each country. For example, the two large blue circles are China and India (countries with the biggest populations of older people numerically).

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The vertical axis measures the percentage of each country’s population over 65 years, The horizontal axis measures the percentage over 85 years. So countries get "older" as they move upwards and across.

Interestingly, in 1960, the countries are clustered vertically, meaning that even where there is a growing older population, few people are over 85. For example, even in the oldest countries of the 1960s (where 10% are over 65), only around a fifth of these are over 80.

The 2040 forecasts show quite a different story with a flatter correlation. For the oldest countries, such a Germany, it is predicted that around a third of the population over 65 will be over 80.

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