Ageing in the 21st Century: Infographic

The world is getting much older. Within 10 years, there will be 1 billion older people worldwide. This is not just a developed world phenomenon as this infographic shows. Increased longevity is a cause for celebration − older people contribute so much. It also presents a challenge if we are to maximise the potential of our ageing populations.

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  • Lic. Rub?n N. Petrucci (28 April 2013)

    necesitamos el gr?fico en espa?ol para difundir entre los mayores. muchas gracias

  • Robert Grimason (04 October 2012)

    What a power for good older people can become, if harnessed a power to change the world, a power to bring common sense back into governments through the vote, a power to create a better legacy for our young. I believe older people are quickly "coming of age" and will have to be listened to rather than degenerated and abused, be seen as a a benefit to society a knowledge base rather than a burden, a contributor and enricher rather than a cost.

    There are those in government who for political gain or other selfish reasons malign and directly or indirectly abuse our older citizens through poor pensions, unfair taxation and plundering of hard earned assets, be warned - change is coming.

    To older people I say "Yes we Can" !

  • Sheena Jaffer (01 October 2012)

    This is incredibly inspiring. It is a profound awakening for those of us who want to make a difference and transform the aging mosaic as one of the most positive forces in our societies.

  • Rosaleen Cunningham (01 October 2012)

    I love these facts. Instantly quotable to people who ask "why does it matter". Great graphics too!

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