Disaster risk reduction and climate change

Older people are disproportionally affected by the increase in natural disasters and climate change.

See how we're making sure older people's experiences of preparing for disasters and coping with climate change are included in disaster risk reduction planning.

2015 Paris Climate Conference: COP21

Dilshad, 89, had his home destroyed in a flood in Pakistan (c) Lucy Blown/HelpAge International

Older people are disproportionaltely affected by climate change.

COP21 is a crucial event to shape the global climate agenda to include the needs of older people. Find out how.

Disaster risk

An older man by a water hole in Ethiopia. (c) Jeff Williams/HelpAge International.

Read about our programme and policy work on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.

Disaster Risk and Age Index

Find out more about our Disaster Risk and Age Index

In 2015, we launched our first Disaster Risk and Age Index.

The Index ranks 190 countries on the disaster risk faced by older people, and highlights gaps in data sets and points to appropriate polices.

Disaster resilience infographic

Nalor from Thailand points out how landslides that may come from the hillside, pose a threat to her paddy fields. (c) Robin Wyatt/HelpAge International

Our infographic illustrates the collision of two trends: ageing populations, and the acceleration of risk in a world which is increasingly exposed to natural and technological hazards.

Disaster risk management in Pakistan

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