COVID-19 guidance

HelpAge has developed a series of guidelines for older people, families, carers and care homes to support them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Building back better

To respond to the socio-economic impacts of the pandemic, the UN developed a framework for response and recovery. This toolkit guides on how to engage with this socio-economic framework at country level.

Psychosocial support for older people

Providing psychosocial support during the different phases of the crisis is very important and can help people cope better, including older people, their caregivers and their families.

Seven principles for a rights-based public health response to COVID-19

Here are seven principles you can use to assess whether public health measures being suggested or used respect the rights of older people.

Guidance and advice for carers at home


The information included here gives clear and accurate advice about what you can do to support those in your care, while also looking after yourself.

Guidance and advice for older people

Information on what is COVID-19 and how it is spread, along with advice on what older people can do to reduce their risk of catching the virus, and what they should do if they need medical help or support.

Guidelines for care homes


While older people in care homes are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, there are steps that can be taken to reduce their risk, and to ensure they are well cared for and supported.

Advice on administering pensions

Key messages to advocate for the effective inclusion of older people in preparedness planning and responses to COVID-19 in the context of pension payments.

Key Guidance on Collecting Pensions

This document provides key messages on how older people can safely collect pension payments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Advice for Communities and Older People`s Associations

Advice to community on how members and groups can understand and map their communities, measures they can take to support social engagement and avoid isolation, ensure older people have access to basic supplies and what to do if an older person is unwell.

Older People and COVID-19 in informal settlements


COVID-19 is likely to have a particularly significant direct and indirect impact on older people in poverty living in informal settlements – slums, shanty towns and favela communities.

Caring for older people: Managing residential care

This animation aims to inform care home managers of the ways to ensure safety in residential homes.

Wondering how to help others from a distance?

This animation informs homecare volunteers and community leaders on measures that are needed to ensure continuity of care for older people during COVID-19.

End of life care at home


This guidance is focused on end of life care for someone with COVID-19 but much of the information is relevant for those caring for someone with other conditions.


Principles of WASH in response to COVID-19

Access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation facilities plays a vital role in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly for older people and people with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses.
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