Health and care

Older people are living longer and global population ageing will provide major health challenges in the 21st century.

We're working to improve older people's health and help health providers face the challenges of global ageing.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Studies confirm the high risks for older people from coronavirus. A health crisis can isolate older people and the risk of this happening is far higher in countries with less developed health systems where access to medical services and other forms of care and support can be challenging. Read more here.

Health Outcomes Tool

Health Outcomes Tool (c) U Myo Thame/HelpAge InternationalFind out about the Health Outcomes Tool and how it is helping us improve health and care programmes targeted at older people. 

Age Demands Action on Health65-year-old Epefania receives treatment during the HelpAge-COSE health assessment.

On World Health Day, 7 April, older people call on governments for access to age-friendly health services. And you can support them! 

Non-communicable diseasesAn older woman in Kyrgyzstan is tested for diabetes Non-communicable diseases are considered "diseases of affluence", but 80% of deaths from NCDs are in low- and middle-income countries. Find out how older people are affected.

Health and care policy

We're urging healthcare providers to be prepared for the challenges that global ageing brings, and to improve healthcare for older people.

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