World Health Day

For World Health Day on 7 April this year, we're highlighting the increased prevalence of diabetes among older people across the world and campaigning to beat non-communicable diseases.

Read on to find what's happening on 7 April.

World Health Day Age Demands Action on Health focus on diabetes (c) Malik Alymkulov/HelpAge International

Age Demands Action on Health

On World Health Day, older people around the world will come together to campaign on a number of issues related to healthcare, including diabetes.

Read our news story to find out how older campaigners are demanding better diabetes care.

Read more about Age Demands Action on Health.

Defeating diabetes in Kyrgyzstan

Diabetes took 72-year-old Romanova by surprise, but joining a self-help group has turned her life around. Read Romanova's story on Exposure.

Factsheet: Diabetes in older people

Our new factsheet on diabetes details the increased prevalence of type 2 diabetes in older age groups in many parts of the world and includes recommendations on managing diabetes for policy makers and healthcare officials.

Download Diabetes in older people factsheet (477kb).

Improving healthcare services for older people

All year round, we're working to improve older people's health and help health providers face the challenges of global ageing. Read more about our work on health and care.

Join the conversation on World Health Day

We'll be tweeting about World Health Day activities around the world on 7 April. If you're on Twitter, follow these accounts to join the conversation on World Health Day:
@HelpAge ¦ @WHO ¦ @IntDiabetesFed ¦ @WDD ¦ @worlddiabetesf ¦ @ncdalliance
Use the hashtags #WHD2016 and #BeatNCDs
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Useful links

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