Post-2015 coalitions

Our coalitions:

A group of older women in Bangladesh.

(c) Paul Ong/HelpAge International

A group of older women in Bangladesh.

Stakeholder Group on Ageing

We have established the Stakeholder group on Ageing - a strong and effective advocacy partnership - with the NGO Committee on Ageing in NY which includes AARP and HelpAge USA, AARP, IFA, INPEA, Gray Panthers and others.

As part of the Stakeholder Group on Ageing we have influenced the sessions of the Open Working Group and made sure ageing was reference in the final outcome document.

As the sustainable development process, move into intergovernmental discussions will continue to work as the Stakeholder Group on Ageing to influence the outcome of the process.


The Action/2015 campaign was set up in 2014 to provide a powerful opportunity for collective and decentralised large-scale, public-facing actions. It is aimed at compelling governments at all levels to commit to ambitious and transformative action to end poverty, address inequality and ensure sustainable development.

The HelpAge Secretariat together with organisations within the HelpAge network and the Stakeholder Group on Ageing is actively engaging with the Action/2015 campaign around specific moments. Our aim is to enable citizens to engage in a series of global activities in 2015 that will raise awareness about what older people would like to see in the SDGs and for older and younger people to be able to talk about their vision of the world they want to live in.

Want to know more about the Action/2015 campaign.

Transformative Human Development

With the Major Group on Children and Youth, we are working to promote the idea of Transformative Human Development including, how to promote development for people of all ages.

We have developed a hybrid of the Commonwealth Youth Index and the Global AgeWatch Index, which highlights the fact that youth and older people are concerned with the same issues; income security, health, education as well as enabling environments and participation. These ideas have been promoted at events in New York and Nairobi.

Read more about Transformative Human Development.

Beyond 2015

We are part of the global civil society campaign Beyond 2015. Beyond 2015 is pushing for a strong and legitimate framework to succeed the Millennium Development Goals and brings together more than 800 civil society organisations in over 100 countries around the world.

We support Beyond 2015's call for a single universal development framework which takes into account poverty eradication, environmental sustainability, inequality, human rights and global responsibility.

We believe older people are contributors to sustainable development and poverty eradication. Lifetime inequalities of income, education, employment, health, disability and gender are likely to increase with age and must be recognised.

Find out more about and get involved in the Beyond 2015 online discussion.

Voices of the marginalised

To ensure the voices of older people and people living with disabilities are included in the post-2015 discussions, HelpAge is working with Sightsavers, Action on Disability in Development (ADD) and Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI), on a research and policy project called "Voices of the Marginalised".

The project also includes collaboration with the Institute of Development Studies and the Overseas Development Institute.

Find out more about the research and our work with disability groups:

Non-communicable diseases

We are addressing non-communicable diseases and disability in the post-2015 process through our work with the NCD Alliance, Handicap International and Alzheimer’s Disease International.

As part of this work, we have developed a joint paper "Sustaining equitable human development and addressing non-communicable diseases and disability throughout the life-course".

The paper puts forward a number of recommendations for the post-2015 agenda, including measuring healthy life expectancy across the life-course.

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  • Maria Gusain (30 March 2015)

    This is great work. It is inspiring to hear a voice for the voiceless and see a helping hand for the helpless. May God richly bless you all. Amen.

  • Bro.Mbalanga F (12 March 2015)

    We campaign for ADA in Chingola,Copperbelt,Zambia

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