Existing human rights mechanisms do not adequately protect the rights of older women and men.

Here are some examples of what we're doing to change this.

Violence against older women

Witchcraft accusations forced Bernice to move to a different part of the Mtendeli refugee camp in Tanzania (c) Ben Small/HelpAge International

Violence against older women is a severe human rights abuse that often remains invisible. It must end.

Towards a convention on the rights of older people

Towards a convention on the rights of older people

We're working towards the creation of a UN Convention on the Rights of Older People

Age Demands Action 

Join our global campaign to demand action on older people's rights.

Making older women count

The contributions of older women often go unnoticed. (c) Mayur Paul/HelpAge International

We want development discussions to recognise that gender inequality can last a lifetime, and for mechanisms to be put in place to address it.

Older people's rights in Tanzania

Rights in Tanzania

Find out what we're doing to help older people accused of witchcraft in Tanzania.

Fighting for older people's rights

We're lobbying governments to get older people's rights recognised.

Madrid Plan of Action 2012

Find out more about the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing

Older people are taking part in the MIPAA review process.

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