UN Convention on the rights of older people

A UN convention can change the world for older people

Older people around the world face discrimination every day. We need to change this. As civil society, let’s work together for a UN convention that helps the world to recognise this. Pledge your support for a UN convention.

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We need to change the world for older people. Let's work together for a UN convention that helps the world to recognise this

How to influence your government

FAIR guidelines: simple steps to prepare the right strategy for your government.

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Useful resources for your government

Five reasons why we need a UN convention: 

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What older people say about their rights:

  Keeping our dignity.            Download: EnglishArabicRussianSpanish

  Living not just surviving. Download: EnglishArabicRussianSpanish

  Freedom to decide for ourselves. Download: English, Russian, Spanish

  Entitled to the same rights. Download: English, Russian, Spanish

11th Open-ended Working Group on Ageing has been suspended.

What's next?

Although the event has been suspended, there are some actions you can take to contribute to states' negotiations.

   Here are three things you can do.

Towards a UN convention: how we're making a difference

Every year, we learn more about older people as older-age rights come under increasing focus at the UN. 
Efforts towards a UN convention will work if we all take part. More than 300 organisations are already committed to working towards a UN convention as members of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People (GAROP).
This work is securing the backing of an increasing number of governments: in 2019 Cameroon and Nigeria spoke out for the first time at the UN in support of a convention – as a result of the pressure put on them by older people and civil society.
Our achievements are laying the groundwork for further success, but there's still more to do. Join us and add your voice to the call for a fairer world for older people. Get in touch to get involved.  Get in touch to get involved. 
"It was an honour to speak at the UN this week and share my perspective as an older person myself and the experiences of older people in my community in Tanzania. I was surprised by how much people appreciated my perspective." Elisha, from the Good Samaritan Social Service Trust in Tanzania.