In partnership with local organisations and older people themselves, we work to overcome challenges such as:

Rights: We make sure older people know their rights and how to claim them.

Benefits: We work with governments to ensure older people get basic healthcare, education and income.

HIV and AIDS: We give older people information to protect themselves and their families from HIV and AIDS.

Emergencies: We ensure older people's needs are recognised when disaster strikes - and that their contribution to recovery efforts is fully supported.

Supporting older people in the Caribbean

  • In Jamaica, we organised community health and information fairs giving better access to health care and medication, benefiting more than 3,000 people.
  • We reached thousands of older people in Belize through our day centres by providing games, exercise, meals-on-wheels, food parcels, eye care and home visits.
  • In Haiti, we have distributed food and wellbeing kits to thousands of older people made homeless by the earthquake and living in camps in Petionville and Leogane.
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Striking facts

  • One in ten people in the Caribbean is over 60.

  • At least 200,000 older people have been affected by the Haiti earthquake in January 2010.

  • In most countries of the Caribbean, over 30% of the population lives in poverty.

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