Aleksandra is a member of a self-help group in Kyrgyzstan (c) Malik Alymkulov/HelpAge International

(c) Malik Alymkulov/HelpAge International

Aleksandra is a member of a self-help group in Kyrgyzstan

Why we work in Kyrgyzstan?

Older people in Kyrgyzstan are extremely vulnerable. Pensions are insufficient, barely enough to sustain a basic diet, and health services for older people are underfunded, leaving many older people enduring chronic diseases without adequate treatment. 

Improving social protection

We advocate the Kyrgyzstan Government to develop laws and strategies to improve older people's income. We promote and monitor the implementation of these strategies to ensure they deliver on their objectives.

Diabetes prevention and treatment

We educate older people on diabetes awareness so they know the symptoms to look out for and what they can do to prevent it, such as a good diet and exercise. We also work with doctors and nurses to teach them how to best treat older people with the condition.

Assisting vulnerable households

Many older people in rural Kyrgyzstan struggle to make enough money or to have enough food to sustain themselves and their families. We help by supplying them with hen houses, polythene greenhouses and seeds so they can grow more food and boost their nutrition. We encourage older people to sell the produce for extra income too.

Helping Dosmat grow crops all year round

Dosmat uses his polytunnel to grow food for his family and to sell

Dosmat uses his polytunnel to grow food for his family and to sell

Dosmat is 74. He lives in the Leilek district in western Kyrgyzstan. Until retirement, he worked as a teacher and farmed a small plot of land, but he did make enough money to live a comfortable old age. 

He received plastic greenhouses called polytunnels from HelpAge International. He planted tomatoes and cucumbers, taking great care with these crops. He took his first harvest to feed his family, and then sold the excess for some extra cash, before planting more seedlings. He uses a heater to keep the polytunnel warm, ensuring he can grow crops all year round.
"I have improved my nutrition and the nutrition of my grandchildren," he said.
"I am now teaching our grandchildren when to plant seeds, weed, add fertilisers, water, exterminate harmful insects and use chemicals. They are growing with us, gaining our experience and knowledge."

Our network members

  • Resource Center for the Elderly

Our donors

  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Danish Church Aid
  • EU
  • World Diabetes Foundation
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