About the Global Network

By 2050, 20% of the global population will be over 60. Ageing is transforming the world, bringing both challenges and opportunities. With 154 members across 85 countries, the HelpAge Global Network is a truly international movement for change. We are united in one goal: creating a fairer world for older people so they can live safe, healthy and dignified lives.

As the network's secretariat, HelpAge International brings together like-minded organisations to collaborate and strengthen national, regional and global influence. We believe we are stronger together.


Member benefits

Enhance your impact by working with other organisations to implement programmes, influence policy and respond to humanitarian crises. We share technical expertise, resources and fundraising opportunities.
Raise your profile by being part of the only global movement focused on older people’s needs and rights. Network members have a powerful voice to influence policy and practice at all levels.
Learn with others working on similar issues, learning from their experiences and challenges. You will have access to learning groups, online resources and the latest news in the sector.
Raise the voices of older people through our members’ networks and their combined access to millions of older people. Their voices are at the heart of everything we do.

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How we are making a difference

Introducing a universal pension in Zanzibar

A woman receives her pension in Zanzibar (c) Kate Holt/Age International

From 2010, HelpAge International and its network members in Zanzibar scaled up advocacy, engagement and technical support to government ministries and departments to develop a universal pension a reality. These efforts led the government to commit to a universal pension and eventually the formulation of a Universal Pension Policy and its introduction to all people 70 and over in 2016. 

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FAIR guidlines

Elisha speaks at the OEWG

In 2018, HelpAge International consulted the global network to develop the FAIR guidelines as a tool for those network members and other civil society organisations interested in building government support for a UN convention. 

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