Slovene Philanthropy, Slovenia

Slovene Philanthropy, Slovenia

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Slovene Philanthropy is a non-profit and non-political organisation, established in 1992 to develop and promote humanitarian activities in Slovenia.

They support a voluntary network for humanitarian assistance in Slovenia and encourages voluntary work to assist vulnerable groups.

Slovene Philanthropy's main strands of work are carried out through three centres: the Centre for Promotion of Voluntary Work, the Centre for Psychosocial Assistance to Refugees and the Centre for Promotion of Health.

Slovene Philanthropy collaborates with the Slovene Association of Pensioners on projects such as the "Elderly for the Elderly", which aims to improve the quality of life for older people in their homes.

In 1993, Slovene Philanthropy became a partner of the HelpAge Network and they became an Affiliate in 1996. They have also participated in several Age Demands Action campaigns. 


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