Zivot 90, Czech Republic

Zivot 90, Czech Republic


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Established in 1990, Zivot 90 is a civil society organisation working with and for older people in the Czech Republic. Its main goal is to create change and improve older people's quality of life.

Zivot 90 raises awareness of older people's issues in the Czech Republic by disseminating relevant information and knowledge, working closely with government ministries, organising conferences on ageing issues and participating in a working group to address the social exclusion of older people.

Zivot 90 was involved in the formulation of the Czech National Programme on the Preparation for Ageing, which covers older people's needs and is supported by all ministries of the Czech Government.

Zivot 90 became a member of the HelpAge network in 1990 and an Affiliate in 1992. It has been involved in the Age Demands Action and Linking Lives campaigns, and the MIPAA +10 Review. 

Email: ludmila.jarosova@zivot90.cz  
Website: www.zivot90.cz

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