DaneAge, Denmark

Established in 1986, DaneAge Association is a not-for-profit, membership organisation. Their mission is to fight for a society in which the person is more important than the person's age.

DaneAge advocates for a society without age barriers and ageism, adequate pensions for retired people and a healthcare system without age discrimination. They also provide support and counselling to help older people make informed decisions concerning finances and housing arrangements. 

In 2007, DaneAge collaborated with Care Denmark on a project to support vulnerable older people in Vietnam.  From 2008, DaneAge has collaborated with Dane Church Aid to establish self helps groups with older people in Kyrgyzstan.

DaneAge also collaborated with the Danish Refugee Council to help older migrants and refugees in Denmark, focusing on removing language barriers and overcoming loneliness and financial problems.

Email: aeldresagen@aeldresagen.dk

Website: www.aeldresagen.dk

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