Pensionärernas Riksorganisation, Sweden

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Pensionärernas Riksorganisation (PRO) is the largest pensioners' organisation in Sweden and is an influential advocate for older people within the country and the wider Nordic region.

PRO was established in 1942 and today with a member base of almost 400.000. Throughout its history PRO has focused both on advocating for improved rights and services for the older population in Sweden, as well as providing services and activities for its members.

HelpAge International's relationship with PRO dates back to 2006. The collaboration has focused on how to bring global ageing and development issues into the heart of PRO's plans and activities. In 2013, this resulted in the establishment of PRO Global - an association within PRO responsible to promote this international programme of work for the organisation.

PRO became a member of the HelpAge global network in 2013.


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