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Valli is the Union for Senior Services, a Finnish membership association established in 1953 with over 60 years of experience providing services to older people. They work within the framework of evolving national government policies relating to old age. Collectively, Valli members provide services to 20,000 older people in Finland annually. Valli has both the recognition and the proven ability to reach and influence high-level national politicians and decision-makers.

Valli has valuable knowledge and experience in areas related to HelpAge's global actions, including around health, care, social protection, gender and equality. To date collaboration has included connecting HelpAge with the government of Finland and with Finnish United Nations officials at the highest level through meetings, seminars and events in Finland and in New York.

Taking part in Age Demands Action since 2012 under the campaign name Occupy Your Own Age, Valli has enabled the coming together of eight organisations of retired persons to promote nationwide attention to good ageing; brought together citizens and decision-makers; and attracted substantive media coverage and funding for events. Valli also launched the Global AgeWatch Index in Finland in both 2013 and 2014; has contributed papers to national and international publications, and has taken key messages for the post-2015 work into Finnish government and UN agencies.




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